The Tuckerites are a worldwide fanbase of Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III of Enterprise, played by Connor Trinneer.

The hardest of the hardcore belong to the BBSTucker; in the words of Miss Thang, "Part of an exclusive society devoted to the appreciation, the nitpickin'-good deconstruction, the sheer FUN of the phenomenon that is our beloved Chief Engineer (and, increasingly, of the superb performer who gives him corporeal form each week)" and it is from them that this website evolved.

Tuckerites, perhaps inspired by their namesake, love to eat and drink -- there's plenty of food and drink at all times. If you've brought something, just put it on the side table. As always, our benediction is, "May you be fed pecan pie (or whatever you choose) by a dishy, charmin' Southerner with a distinctive schnoz." (Again, with thanks to Miss Thang.)

Tuckerites are also remarkably hospitable. Have a seat next to us - there's plenty of room on the sofa - or feel free to wander around the house. All are welcome.